Our Eastern Region of Parent Carer Forums (ERPCF) Meeting

The eleven Parent Carer Forums meet face to face three times a year for our regional meetings, chaired by Jo, and a further four to six times a year either face to face or virtually to hear updates, receive training, share forum peer learning and give and receive peer support. Between these formal meetings we are in constant email communication between each other, our NNPCF East of England Lead, our Contact Regional Advisor and our East of England SEND Regional Peer Network. This structure enables us to provide and respond to national and regional feedback quickly, while also keeping abreast of issues and good practice locally.

Our termly ERPCF Meetings provide mutual support and the opportunity to hear from, and give feedback to, our National Network East of England Rep and our Contact Regional Advisor. We often have a guest speaker to give us a deeper insight into a specific area or current topic.

Mutual support is focussed around the ‘Achievements, Challenges and Help for Forums’ slot, where we celebrate the successes of each Forum and if possible learn from and replicate these innovations and successes across the other forums in the region. Where a Forum is facing particular challenges or requires specific help, these points are raised at the meeting and fellow forums give or signpost support.

Feedback to / from National Organisations is through our regular guest attendees, our Regional Advisor from Contact and our East of England Rep from NNPCF. We hear news from the National perspective and give local feedback from across the Region to feed into the national picture.

Our NNPCF East of England Lead is Mrunal Sisodia OBE

Our Regional Contact Advisor is Julie Singleton